Hello Readers!

Hello everybody! I’m Emily Croft and this is my first first blog ever, so there might be some typos but bear with me. And since this is my first blog, you should probably know something about me. So here it is:

I LOVE reading! My three favorite books are The Lunar Chronicles, Maximum Ride and Percy Jackson. I’m a complete Fangirl!

I like movies such as Jurassic Park\World, any Marvel movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, In The Heart of the Sea, Lion King and more.

I am an aspiring writer and artist and have a whole bunch of stories for you! I might include some of my drawings too.

I mainly started this blog to talk about my Fandoms, post pictures of my favorite art by my favorite people, and show my stories. So please- if you have a comment on them, share!

-Emily Croft


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