Favorite Bands


Hello and Welcome! I’m Marrill Collins and I’m here with a list of my favorite bands\musicians.

If you want more music, go to my Music & Bands page.

                                                              1 – Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons   I love their dark, thumping beats, unusual lyric content, and their "dare to be different" attitude <3 ~~ well said, random person:

Imagine Dragons has been my favorite band…since pretty much as long as I’ve been into music. Their song Radioactive was the first one on my IPod, and I’m constantly checking for tour dates, new music, videos, interviews, and pretty much anything else that has to do with Imagine Dragons.

Their album – Night Visions – is pretty much a classic in my mind. (I’m listening to their song, Thief, right now…)


                                                                2 – Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy New Song “The Kids Aren't Alright” from Album “American Beauty/American Psycho”:

Though not as much as Imagine Dragons, I really like Fall Out Boy. My friend Tyr (pronounced ‘tear’) got me into them, and now I’ve got at lease three of their albums on my IPod. Their latest album – American Beauty/American Psycho – is my favorite of theirs.

This is one of those bands I suggest to everyone.


                                                                3 – The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys are actually an instrumental band. Listening to the music was what made me star playing the Cello, it was that cool.

Their most recent song was The Jungle Book / Sarabande (Mayan Style) and Hello / Lacrimosa (Mozart).

You can get tickets for the 2016 tour here (I know I certainly want to go): Tickets 2016 Tour

And you can find they’re newest music at their YouTube channel: ThePianoGuys


                                                                    4 – Andy Black

Andy Biersack was in a band called Black Veil Brides and now he is doing a solo album that came out May 6th.

So far I’ve liked every one of his songs, and can’t wait to get The Shadow Side.

So that’s my list of Favorite Bands! Granted there are A LOT more that I like, but those are the main ones (for those who are wondering – I excluded Adele. That’s sort of a given). I hope you liked it and will be back for the next list


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