Book Theme Songs | Top 5 Wednesday!

Hello and welcome! I’m Marrill Collins, and this is my first Top 5 Wednesday.

This was founded by Lainy over at Gingerreadslainy on Youtube and the monthly subjects are posted at the Goodreads group which will be linked here.

Today’s theme is Book Theme Songs. I’m really excited about this one – I think of songs for books all the time! Both are equally important to me – music inspires me when I write and books take me to different worlds when reality becomes too annoying.

Unfortunately, the links to the songs will not be posted, because, once again, I am reduced to using a tablet to write posts.

Let’s get started then, shall we?


1: How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox Twenty = The Lost Hero-The Mark Of Athena

The reason that this song reminds me of the first three books of The Heroes of Olympus is because my favorite fanartist, Viria, did a sort of music video with that song and scenes from those three books.

2: Nothing Left to Say by Imagine Dragons = The House of Hades

Again, this is because of Viria and her stunning videos. This video has scenes from the fourth book in the series as well.

3: Two Worlds (from Tarzan) by Phil Collins = The Kiesha’Ra Series

The Kiesha’ra series (by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes) is a very under-appreciated series. It’s about two worlds coming together (well, way more than that), and this song always reminds me of that.

4: Who We Are by Imagine Dragons = The Hunger Games

Who We Are was actually made for THG movie – one of them, anyway – and so that’s what I always think of

5: Home by Phillip Phillips 

This one isn’t for one book in particular, but for all those books that I read when I first got into reading. Because of Winn-dixie, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, The Magic Treehouse all fit into that category, among others. It really reminds me of those books  that will always be there to come back too.


That’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed it and will be back next Wednesday.








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