Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

Hello all! I’m Marrill and for my very first tag (that I’ve ever done on this blog or anywhere else) I decided to go with the Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag.

I wasn’t tagged by anyone, but I found this tag on teenbooklit101 – I suggest you check the site out. It’s pretty cool 😉

 1.Choose 5 books

2.Randomly set your books in order

3.Flip to a random page and write down the first two names you see

4.Put names in categories below, in the same order you wrote them down



The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

Winter (The Lunar Chronicles #4) by Marissa Meyer

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles #1) by Rick Riordan




1.First person to die in the apocalypse:

Agatha from The School for Good and Evil

No! I love Agatha! Thinking about it logically though, she probably would be the first one to die. Not because she can’t handle herself, but because there isn’t a Tedros there to have her back.


2. The person you tackle to escape the zombies:

Sophie from The School for Good and Evil

She does do some pretty awful things. If it came down to it, I would do it – I would feel bad about it, though.


3. The first person to be turned into a zombie:

Iko from The Lunar Chronicles

How is that even possible? She’s a robot! That would be incredibly terrifying…


4.  The person that tackles you to escape the zombies:

Kinny from The Lunar Chronicles

Okay, yeah, that could happen. But I’d like to think he’d feel bad about it afterward…


5.  The team’s idiot:

Edward from Twilight

I don’t think it fits his personality – but then again, I wouldn’t be opposed to it.


6. The brains of the team:

Jacob from Twilight

Again, not really his personality. Sure he’s smart, but I wouldn’t think of him as the brains of the team.


7.  The team’s medic

Glimmer from The Hunger Games

It never mentions her medical ability, but I don’t think this is very much like her.


8.  The weapon’s expert:

Haymitch from The Hunger Games

He should have been the brains of the team! Ugh! I don’t think he actually knows a whole lot about weapons, so…


9. The team brawler:

Sadie from The Kane Chronicles

Yes. Oh yes.


10. The team leader:

Horus from The Kane Chronicles (the god)

Well, he does kind of lead the gods, so I think the would follow him. All the same, he may not be the best and I could see quite a few of the teammates ganging up on him.


So that’s my first tag. I hope you liked it, and will be back next time!

I tag:



and anyone else who wants to do it! If you do decide to do this tag, name me as the one who tagged you and link you’re post below – I would love to read your answers!


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