Books That Need Sequels | T5W

Hello and welcome! I Marrill Collins and this is Top 5 Wednesday.


The theme for today is ‘books that need sequels’. A topic I’m more than happy to discuss.

Let’s start then, shall we?


My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Jodi Meadows & Brodie Ashton


It’s not that I think this book needs a sequel – but I totally wouldn’t be opposed to it.

And I would read whatever else these three authors wrote together – even if it wasn’t a sequel to this book. I think they work great together!


Read more about this book on Amazon: Here



The Host by Stephenie Meyer

adored this book! Right now a sequel is being considered, but is not yet confirmed or denied.

Part of me would love a sequel to this, and part of me thinks that if Stephenie Meyer (author of Twilight as well) wrote more books, she might ruin the series for me. That tends to happen with her writing.

Either way, I would totally read the sequel, and fangirl over it, and love it with all of my being. So there.

Read more about this book on Amazon: Here


Close to Famous by Joan Bauer

I love all of Joan Bauer’s books, but this was the first one of hers that I ever read. I would love a sequel – but it was satisfying on it’s own.



Read more about this book on Amazon: Here





Peeled by Joan Bauer


This was another one of my favorites by Joan Bauer. Again, I really loved this book. I hadn’t read anything like it, and I just really, really would like a sequel.



Read more about this book at Amazon: Here







I couldn’t decide, and what do bloggers do when they can’t chose anything? They ask the readers.

So what are your favorite stand-alone books, or favorite books in general, that need another addition?


And no, I’m not being lazy. It’s called ‘Audience Participation’




Thanks for reading! I appreciate your comments, likes and follows!


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