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I’m Marrill and this is my discussion of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

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Let’s just skip to the real reason I wanted to make a discussion, and move on from there.

Finnik Odair.

I thought he was going to live. I really did. I assumed, because he had Annie, that he had to make it through. He’s my favorite character!

It took two paragraphs. That’s it. It wasn’t incredible sentimental, it wasn’t long. Two paragraphs and I started crying. I actually put the book down, and I didn’t pick it up again because I couldn’t handle it. I couldn’t handle that he was dead. I haven’t even watched Mocking Jay Part Two yet because I can’t watch him die on-screen. I just can’t.

I am honestly pretending he isn’t dead. In my mind, he’s alive and with Annie, and everything is okay. It’s okay, all right?!

And speaking of Finnik…


…funny story about Prim.

So I asked my friend Tyr – who got me to read this trilogy – I said to her “Prim doesn’t die, right? ” and she goes: “No, definitely not.” So I was expecting at least for her to live. And so, when she died. I just kind of kept expecting her to come back to life. Which is probably why I didn’t cry or really get sad about it very much.

Here’s the thing: when your writing a series where a lot of death happens, you have to have that one person you can depend on. There is NO ONE in this series like that. It makes the whole thing unreliable, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing in this scenario.


I will say, that seeing Effie was refreshing. She was dramatically changed in any way. She was just…Effie. It was nice.


So the remaining Tributes were voting on whether to have another Hunger Games, right? I was hoping that Katniss would finally stand up and say no way. And she didn’t. She voted yes – and I don’t even see why. She says ‘for Prim’ but that isn’t something that Prim would even want, and there is no reason to say yes. None at all.


While I was fine with Coin dying, I really, really wish Katniss had killed President Snow. She has literally done nothing through this book, but get people killed. She didn’t even take the Capitol. She was practically dragged through the story, ruined her friendships – I just wasn’t happy with it.


I didn’t like how things ended with Gale. Even though I didn’t want them together I wanted them to be friends. You literally have no idea what happened to him. A vague idea, but nothing really.


I like the book that Katniss and Peeta made. It was a nice tribute.

The way Katniss described her children made it seem like she didn’t care for them. Not that she hated them – but that she didn’t really love them. That Peeta wanted them. I’m sure that wasn’t it, but it’s the impression I got.

Basically, I’m taking the epilogue of Mockingjay and adding it onto Catching Fire. I’d be happy then.


What did you think of Mockingjay? Do you agree, or disagree? Did you enjoy the movie as well?

Spoilers are welcome here! Read the comments at your own risk!


3 thoughts on “Mockingjay ||| Discussion

  1. Yes! Everything about this was on point!

    Quite frankly, I think Prim’s death was more of a shock factor, if anything. A plot twist made for the sake of having a plot twist. I mean, initially, my first thought was, “What was the point of Katniss stepping in for Prim in the first book if she ends up dying anyway two books later?”

    Like, are we supposed to feel grateful because at the very least, her life was extended? I don’t know. I have plenty of mixed feelings about this. I’ll probably need to reread the entire trilogy again in order for me to really make a solid opinion.

    Still loved the trilogy though. I just felt underwhelmed with Mockingjay.

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