Maximum Ride Movie REVIEW

Title: Maximum Ride

Based on: James Patterson’s #1 bestselling, nine-book-series, Maximum Ride (book #1 is The Angel Experiment).

Release Date: ITunes & Amazon – August 30th and in select theaters and OnDemand September 30th.

Genre \ Themes: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Action

Running Time: 1h 28m

Director: Jay Martin

Cast: Allie Marie Evans, Patrik Johnson, Zayne Emory, Tetona Jackson, Gavin Lewis, Lyliana Wray, Carrie Wampler, Luke Gregory Crosby, Lillie Owers, Zander Faden, Peter O’Brien & MORE

Description: Based on the very popular and loved bestseller, this features Max, a 14-year-old science experment. She’s 98% human. And 2% bird.

Meaning, she has wings, and more birdly extras in her life. Including her ‘Flock’ – five other kids who aren’t related to her, but still totally family.



I have A LOT of thoughts on this movie (good and bad…) so I’m going to organize it into categories, and you can feel free to skip around to whatever you want to read first. (I will be including pictures!)



The setting was pretty good. While not necessarily how I pictured, I was fine with it.




Quick disclaimer: no mater what I saw about the cast here, just know I’m not beating up on the actors\actresses. They are all incredibly nice people! Most respond to my comments, or comment on my Instagram posts, and they just seem like such good people. I’m just reviewing my opinions of their part in the roles.



Allie Marie Evans plays Max.

When watching the movie, and even the trailer…I didn’t like her as Max.

She’s an incredible nice person, and a great actress, but not a very good Max. She doesn’t have that spark, and ready-to-come-back-with-a-quick-remark attitude that I personally love to see in my Max. Her voice and attitude is very off and distant from books.

In the beginning, she full-out threatened Nudge, and I was like “Who are you?” Max would never say that!

And it seemed like Fang was the one calling the shots. Which gave him more lines, and threw off his image. I mean – it’s not a democracy. It’s a Maxocracy.

I was thrown off because she wears a band t-shirt in the trailer – but that’s because it was Ella’s shirt, that she ripped up to use her wings (I’ll get to the wings in a minute, promise!)

Other then that, her lines – like, the actual words were very Max-ish, but, again, she didn’t deliver them very well. I really did not like her as Max. I know a lot of you guys out there did, so if you did I’m happy for you, but I just don’t agree.



He doesn’t look like Fang at all, and I know a lot of people are hating on him for that.

Even if he doesn’t look like him, he acts like him. He acts just like Fang! He did so well, and you can just tell he put so much into himself.

If you can get past his looks, you will really enjoy his acting.



Again, doesn’t look like Iggy, but I liked the way he acts.

His blind-ness was played better towards the middle and end of the movie, and I found I liked his personality, even if it wasn’t entirely Iggy-like. He even made me laugh once!



She was really cocky! She was very “I can do it all myself! I don’t need Max! She’s selfish!”

She seemed to just be against Max from the beginning, which threw me off.

There were some lines of hers where I could see Nudge, in how she said it, but a lot of her personality was lost. She isn’t the peppy tween that we all love, which is someone I missed.



He was perfect! He was funny, and I saw his personality.



Because of where the movie ended, she didn’t have a huge part. But the parts we did see were very good. She was a good choice, and I totally back that up.



I would have preferred if he looked closer to how he was done in the manga, but I got the same emotions as I did from him in the book.

Does that make sense to you guys? Yeah? If you want me to clarify, let me know.



She wasn’t Hispanic, but I saw her character! She is played by Carrie Wampler, who was also in the American Disney Channel show, Austin & Ally (which I liked when I was younger).

Since I saw her act before, I didn’t doubt she could do it, and she did! I was so happy with her.

Even though she wasn’t Hispanic.



She didn’t feel like a mom. I definitely got that ‘veterinarian’ feeling, but the motherly I’m-going-to-help-you-no-matter-what felling wasn’t there, and that was disappointing.



He didn’t look quite how I pictured, but he acted pretty well. Not remarkable, not horrible. I think it was a good casting choice.



The young Max and Ari were perfect! Young Max was better than regular Max! They both had small parts, but did really, really well!



So the wings.

First of all, they are CGI (obviously). The CGI, sorry to swear, was crap. The anatomy was all wrong – like, that’s not how wings work. At all.

And they didn’t even look like wings. They were closer to the wings in the Marvel Comic – which were insect wings, by the way.

Second of all, THEY COME OUT OF SLITS. ON THEIR BACK! Like, what the heck?

I get that it makes it cheaper to do that, but I think that if they had put all their time and energy and money into the wings, they’d have more viewers and fans willing to watch the movie. I mean, that’s one of the main reasons that people love this book! And they ruined it!

Plus, we really only saw Max’s, Fang’s and Iggy’s wings. Every other time, they walk.


Editing \ Music

The beginning music was so cool! it got me excited for the movie, even though I was doubting.

The editing and intro was done really well. The fight scenes were edited excellently, as was the rest of the movies.


Fight Scenes

There weren’t a lot of these.

One, when Angel was taken, was kind of ruined because Max used her wings, which were just so fake that it kind of ruined it. That, and Max didn’t have any injuries afterward – she was perfect, even after getting beat up.

The second was when Max rescued Ella, and it really wasn’t a fight. There was just one guy, and Fang saved her in the end. Plus, when Max got shot, she, like, fainted right away. In the book, she literally hiked through the woods for hours until coming to Ella’s house.

The third was at the end with Ari, right before she was taken to the School. It was short, but really well done. No wings, no invisible injuries. It was just so well done, and I want to see more of that.


Overall, if a second movie comes out, I’ll watch it, but only to see Fang and Gazzy and Angel and Ari and Ella and even Iggy.


What about you? Comment below with your opinions of this movie and, trust me, we will have a long, lengthy conversation about this movie\book. (You can also connect with me on Instagram : HERE


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