Characters You’d Want as Family | Top 5 Wednesday

Hello! I’m Marrill, this is my blog and today is Top 5 Wednesday!

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This weeks topic is Characters You’d Want as Family. If that doesn’t explain itself, I don’t know what does 😂


Let’s get started!



#1: Percy Jackson (from Percy Jackson & the Olympians)

Percy Jackson, just, just Percy. *whispers* i love you, you beautiful idiot:

A demigod who can control water and one of my favorite characters of all time? So yeah, of course he’s on the list!

#2: Iko (from The Lunar Chronicles)

Exclusive: ‘Lunar Chronicles’ author Marissa Meyer will write her first graphic novel — with androids - The Washington Post:

Iko the robot with the human personality. She’s fashion-conscious and loyal – the best aunt ever, right?

#3: Frank Zhang (from The Heroes of Olympus – sequel series to Percy Jackson & the Olympians)

Frank Zhang. Viria's art is the only one I've found (personally) that accurately portrays frank:

If you know Frank, you know why i chose him. He’s just so sweet, and easily one of the most lovable characters in the book.

#4: Wanderer\Wanda (from The Host)

[No Photo]

Wanda is an alien from Stephenie Meyer’s The Host. I adore that book! And Wanda is just so sweet and kind – the perfect person ever! She’d be a cool aunt or sister.

#5: Lily Abbott (from P.S. I Like You)

[Also No Photo]

I think Lily Abbott would be a pretty cool sister. I mean – we could honestly be the same person! We are so alike, in both our family and personality – it’s no wonder I love her so much!

Bonus #6 because I couldn’t leave this one out: Leo Valdez (from The Heroes of Olympus – Sequel series to Percy Jackson & the Olympians)

viria fan art LEO VALDEZ:

Would he not make the COOLEST family member ever?! I mean, really ☺

What are some characters that you’d want to be a part of your family?

Feel free to tell me on other social media!





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